Have A Great Weekend

The first week of September is in the books!

With it came two more primaries and the Kavanaugh hearings. The Senate provided numerous examples of free speech and not a lot in the way of loyal antagonism. In the face of contentious hearings, high stakes decision-making, and mid-term elections, how can we model and foster loyal antagonism? We're hoping to hear from you.

Here's what we've been talking about this week:

Hope, faith, and voter turnout.

A little Childish Gambino to close out summer.

DeRay Mckesson (and his ubiquitous blue vest) featured in Vanity Fair! And he's embarked on his book tour. Catch him in a city near you! (DC tonight!)

Bishop Garrison in his new role as interim Executive Director of the Truman Project for some Friday motivation.

Lori is coming to the West Coast later this month! Spectrum exercises anyone? Find out more here and keep an eye out for details on facebook!

Have coffee with someone who sees the world differently than you do. Check your voter registration. And be kind to strangers.