The Washington Post: “We live in uncivil times. Two former White House social secretaries offer a cure”

“How to make an uncivil world more civil?” The Washington Post’s Roxanne Roberts poses this question to Jeremy Bernard and Lea Berman, two White House social secretaries who co-wrote the recently published Treating People Well: The Extraordinary Power of Civility at Work and in Life.

We are excited to announce that the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics will host our founder and president, Lori Brewer Collins, this Saturday, February 3rd. As part of this year's National Campaign Conference for Political and Civic Engagement, Lori will moderate the discussion "Learning How to Be Loyal Antagonists" with a panel featuring past CtK.Campfire participants.

CNN: “Bipartisanship in Washington is actually happening”

A recent Harvard-Harris poll says 91% of Americans want Democrats and Republicans to work together. Congress has responded with The Problem Solvers Caucus: 48 Democrat and Republican representatives who believe “that progress is more important than partisanship.”