CtK.Campfire seeks to forge lasting alliances between loyal antagonists, or leaders willing to collaborate across deep ideological and political differences. We bring together a carefully selected cohort of young-but-seasoned leaders who are likely to shape the public agenda for the next 20 years. During a 3-day retreat, we apply insights from history, management theory, and the behavioral sciences to break down biases and retire old assumptions. We subsequently cultivate networks of improbable allies who are determined to chart new ways out of our current impasse. 

CtK.Campfire has the following objectives:

  • Provide a safe forum that fosters the emergence of unlikely relationships that embody and nurture loyal antagonism.
  • Equip participants with the skills and approaches to work across differences; individuals expand their capacity to fully understand (not necessarily agree with) different perspectives.
  • Identify specific actions that will reduce hyper-partisanship.
  • Develop next steps and possible pathways to positively influence the political landscape for the cohort and for Cultivate the Karass as whole.

CtK.Campfire Interviews