Cultivate the Karass supports leaders as they seek to solve our country’s greatest challenges.

At Cultivate the Karass, we bring together leaders from different disciplines, with different political values, and provide them with tools and skills for engaging in civic discourse; collaborating with those they don’t agree with; and coming up with creative solutions to make our society stronger. 


CtK.Campfire creates loyal antagonists. What's a loyal antagonist? How do you become one? How can you participate in our retreats? Find out more.

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presentations & workshops

Along with university and corporate partners, CtK offers presentations & workshops across the country.

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CtK's Alumni are at the forefront of critical conversations about our democracy. 

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“Seeing people of diametrically opposed political, and in some cases philosophical, beliefs come together helped to restore my faith for the future of politics in this country.”
— Director of Public Policy, Yelp; OpenGov Foundation Board of Directors