Cultivate the Karass creates leaders capable of solving our country’s greatest challenges.

Cultivate the Karass exists to:

  • Create authentic relationships amongst leaders who directly influence public policy and will be doing so over the next 20-30 years;

  • Transcend mere "civil discourse" and elevate the content and rigor of our political debates;

  • Enlarge what is understood or known about national issues;

  • Build a thriving democracy by enlarging our collective capacity to solve the increasingly complex problems facing our country;

  • Create an influential body of Loyal Antagonists:
    those you can trust to deeply challenge as well as deeply support you, throughout your life.


CtK.Campfire creates loyal antagonists. What's a loyal antagonist? How do you become one? How can you participate in our retreats? Find out more.

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presentations & workshops

Along with university and corporate partners, CtK offers presentations & workshops across the country.

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Resources & Articles

CtK's Alumni are at the forefront of critical conversations about our democracy. 

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“Seeing people of diametrically opposed political, and in some cases philosophical, beliefs come together helped to restore my faith for the future of politics in this country.”
— Director of Public Policy, Yelp; OpenGov Foundation Board of Directors