Have A Great Weekend!

This week we remembered 9/11 and honored the heroes who rushed toward the chaos. They embody the best of who we are as Americans. We sent voters to the polls in two states. Our alums took a hard look at some pressing issues on ethics, national security, climate change, and critical feedback. We’re heading into the weekend tracking Hurricane Florence and hoping that everyone in its massive path stays safe.

CtK.Campfire Alum DJ Patil with his perspective on ethics and data science, an essay from the new book he co-authored: Ethics and Data Science (get the ebook here).

“The question that we need to address is what can we do to ensure that data and technology work for us rather than against us?”
— DJ Patil

A piece from CtK.Campfire Alum Bishop Garrison on the need for more women of color in national security. “Women of color have a deeply profound and compelling American experience that provides them with a keenly sharp and unique voice in the protection of our nation and its allies. We would all be smart to listen to them more.”

Libraries provide access to so much more than just books! A great op-ed on the importance of information and interaction in today’s world. “If we have any chance of rebuilding a better society, social infrastructure like the library is precisely what we need.”

Some thoughts from CtK Founder Lori Brewer Collins on the value of paying attention to the “what” rather than the “who” when you get feedback—and what it means for our current political moment.

Early voting will for the general will start in coming weeks. We’re issuing our weekly reminder to check your registration. There have been numerous reports throughout the primary season of active voters being purged from the rolls. Don’t assume! Confirm! And then encourage other people to register and vote!

Lori will be on the road this fall hosting a series of conversations, happy hour events, and spectrum exercises throughout the country. You can support loyal antagonism by showing up! Find the full list of events here!

And, as always, a weekly reminder to talk to strangers, read a perspective from an ideologically opposed publication (and support good journalism), have coffee with someone you don’t agree with, and be a loyal antagonist. Have a great weekend! We’ll see you next week.