Have A Great Weekend

It was quite a week. (Aren't they all?) 

More primaries (we'll say it every week from now until the election: get out and vote! Make sure you're registered! Take the time to visit vote.org to make sure your voter information is correct and encourage your family and friends to do the same.), lots of conversation about the state of our nation (see below for more on that) and sad news about the death of Aretha Franklin.

The Queen of Soul was remembered as a powerful presence, gifted musician, genius, and trailblazer. RIP.

A number of articles this week focused on exactly the kind of divides that CtK.Campfire exists to repair.

There is hope!

Congratulations to CtK.Campfire Alum, Bishop Garrison, who will be joining the Truman National Security Project as the Managing Director, Policy and Advocacy!

Have a great weekend! Get out for coffee with someone who holds different views. And be nice to strangers.