Have A Great Weekend

A few themes jumped out this week. We were reading about...

Local journalism and the role it plays in democracy:

  • The Democracy Fund looks out A Year After Charlottesville. Among other observations: "Powerful reporting of the rally and counter protests captured the attention of the nation. At a time when local news outlets are shuttering, the Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalism of the Charlottesville Daily Progress demonstrated the industry’s role in telling local stories, and of the importance of Democracy Fund’s efforts to support innovators reinventing the business model for local news.
  • "In rural communities, print newspapers are still very important." NYT on Trump's tariffs and what they mean for local newspapers.

Economics and politics through a gender lens: 

And congrats to Cohort I Alum DeRay McKesson who has a new book coming out! You can pre-order On the Other Side of Freedom at deray.com. A portion of all pre-order proceeds go to the @NAACP_LDF to support their work in/out of courtrooms as they fight for justice!