Have A Great Weekend, Year in Review Edition

2018! What a year.

For CtK, this was Year 2. We had ambitious goals for the year—and you helped us meet them. We doubled the number of CtK.Campfire Alums and those alums have made their mark. Here’s a quick look at your footprint.

§  Current/Former Political Staff (White House, Senate, House, State Department, Departments of Justice, Education, and Energy) (16)

§  Published Authors (8)

§  CEOs (8)

§  Experts featured on national media (12)

§  Rhodes Scholar (1)

§  University of Chicago Pritzker Fellow (2)

§  Harvard Kennedy School Fellow (2)

§  University of Pennsylvania Fellow (1)

§  Pulitzer Prize Winner (1)

§  Fortune’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders of 2018 (1)

§  Start-Up Founder (3)

§  Non-Profit CEO/Executive Director (7)

§  Healthcare founders, disrupters, and innovators (3)

§  Elected officials (2)

§  Think tankers (4)

We can’t wait for 2019! We’re planning an equally ambitious year and want you to be part of it. Together, we can make a difference for our democracy. Look for announcements on the soon-to-launch CtK Leadership Academy and the upcoming Alumni Retreat. Plus two more Campfires are coming soon!

Happy New Year!