Thoughts to Close Out 2018

To CtK Alums:

Thank you for ever-renewing my hope.

You are why Cultivate the Karass exists. You are the reason that I am optimistic about the future and excited for 2019.

Our horizons continue to expand in intriguing, unexpected ways, and with it, our plans for how to structure CtK in order to fulfill our mission continues to evolve:

To create authentic relationships amongst leaders who directly influence public policy and will be doing so over the next 20-30 years;

To transcend mere "civil discourse" and elevate the content and rigor of our political debates;

To enlarge what is understood or known about national issues;

To build a thriving democracy by enlarging our collective capacity to solve the increasingly complex problems facing our country;

To create an influential body of Loyal Antagonists: those you can trust to deeply challenge as well as deeply support you, throughout your life.

With deep affection,


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