CtK Jake's Retreat!

October 5 & 6, 2019
9:00am to 5:00pm
The Loft in D.C.

Newcomers are welcome!

CtK Jake's Retreat promises to move us beyond our tempting labels of right and wrong. We’ll build new techniques for meaningful dialogue, refine our understandings of negotiation, define what cannot be compromised, examine the intersectional nature of our identities, and explore the fierce urgency of Now.

Katie Harbath and Jeff Casimir will co-facilitate, along with a session from Lori Brewer Collins. This is a leadership weekend with a focus on connected, large system impact. Go beyond the confines of individual leadership. The learning opportunities of the weekend link what we've learned through the Campfires and retreats and our vertical development work.

And Lori will offer up a "State of Cultivate the Karass" and where we're headed and the possibilities we're exploring...

Share your ideas, expertise and experience. Renew relationships and create new ones. Think big, be bold, and reconnect with what it feels like to lead from your soul. 

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