Pew Research on Political Labels

Pew Research Center took a look at how people feel about political labels that have obtained ubiquity in our current discourse. The survey, conducted April 29-May 13, 2019, also asked adults about their impressions of several other terms: “libertarian,” “progressive,” “liberal” and “conservative.”

  • Americans have generally positive views of other political terms asked about in the survey, though these views also differ along partisan lines.

  • Majorities have positive impressions of “progressive” (66%), “conservative” (60%), “liberal” (55%) and “libertarian” (also 55%).

  • Overall, Democrats hold more positive views of the term “conservative” than Republicans do of “liberal.” Nearly four-in-ten Democrats (38%) say they view “conservative” positively compared with fewer than a quarter of Republicans who view “liberal” in the same light.