The Latest from CtK Fellows & Alumni 

Ashley Spillane's smart research on civic engagement and what the private sector can do attracted a room full of luminaries and was (predictably) SRO. Read her work here!

The Rainey Center celebrated it's 1st Birthday! Congratulations to Alums Sarah Hunt, Bishop Garrison, Charles Moran, and Josh Hone. Check out the photos from the event, the CtK family was out in full force!

Jose Antonio Vargas Elementary School had its official ground breaking ceremony.

Emmy Ruiz, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, and Jenn Brown saw their candidates take the stage on Wednesday and Thursday for the two-night Democratic Debate.

Katie Bethell writing in Evoke, interviewed in Salon, and retweeted by Supermajority as the push for paid leave by her great org, Paid Leave + US, heats up.

We know you're out there doing great democracy building work. Send us a note and let us know what you're up to so we can highlight your accomplishments!