Friday Updates & Have A Great Weekend!

Cultivate the Karass is about making unlikely connections, forming lasting relationships, and holding each other accountable to live into the democratic promise of our nation. Sometimes, that seems further away or more abstract than others - especially in moment of political turmoil and uncertainty. But the promise of the karass we are cultivating is this: Loyal Antagonists are those you can trust to deeply challenge as well as deeply support you, throughout your life.

As the Karass continues to grow, we have more great news from our Fellows & Alums! Here are just a few of the exciting announcements:

  • Laura Leigh Oyler was named the Senior Director of International Regulatory Integration at JUUL Labs

  • Ross Dakin has joined the State of New Jersey's Office of Innovation

  • Sasha Moss is now a Senior Director at Insight Public Affairs 

  • Nick Allardice was promoted to Chief Product Officer at

What we’ve been watching and listening to this week:

As we close out the week, we want to thank the Fellows & Alums who have stepped up recently to make “Pay It Forward” Donations that ensure that the Campfire continues burning. Have a great weekend!