Have A Great Weekend!

CtK.Leadership Academy is coming up on May 9-10 in DC!

This workshop is fine tuned to take advantage of the unique insights that vertical development provides. It is also specifically designed to enhance your leadership capabilities in the volatile, uncertain, (sometimes) chaotic, and (often) ambiguous situations that today’s leaders encounter regularly. Deepen your self-awareness, sustain your learning, and turn insights into action.

Find out how we can help enhance your leadership skills and build the capacity of your team. Register today!

Register today! Visit  www.cultivatethekarass.org/register .

CtK.Campfire Testimonials keep rolling in from our Campfire Fellows!

In the hectic and noisy world of politics and policymaking, the CtK.Campfire experience provides a refreshingly quiet space to hear the perspective of others. The disarming space that is created allows for partisan armor to be taken off and for emerging leaders to have frank and open discussions about shared values and principles.
— Campfire Fellow, Cohort V

We’ll be back next week with our weekly alumni updates! In the meantime, congrats to Jose Antonio Vargas who became a Broadway Producer this week! Have a great weekend.