FAQs about CtK.Leadership Academy

We’ve gotten lots of interest in and questions about the upcoming CtK.Leadership Academy program Transformational Leadership: Vertical Development & Beyond and wanted to offer up the answers to a couple of FAQs:

Q: Didn’t I already do this at Campfire?
A: No! You got a brief look at Vertical Development at Campfire, but this drills down into your personal leadership style using vertical development as a tool.

Q: Do I have to have gone to Campfire to enroll in this program?
A: No! This program is ideal for anyone who is in a leadership role. Whatever training you’ve had before is great, and the skills that our executive leaders bring into our programs are always helpful. But there are no prerequisites.

Q: Will I be able to put the skills to use immediately?
A: YES! This program is designed to offer insights into your leadership style that you can operationalize immediately.

There are still a few spaces available in Transformational Leadership: Vertical Development & Beyond - and a discount for Fellows and Alums. Register today!