Have A Great Weekend

We sat down to reflect on another week of shutdown. And found ourselves faced first with the bad news that the FAA had halted flights into LaGuardia due to a lack of air traffic controllers.

What seemed like moments later, the government reached a tentative deal to reopen the government. A three week spending deal will bridge us over into the next phase of our shared experience of a challenged democracy.

We’re thrilled for everyone impacted by the impasse—which is everyone—and especially for those who have wondered how they might pay for food and medicine, mortgages and gas. Our hope is that loyal antagonism might prevail and leaders who believe themselves to have little in common will use their patriotism to elevate their conversations.

As we gear up for another Alumni Working Session (next week), the next Campfire (mid-March), and the Alumni Retreat (late March), we’re thankful for nearly 100—soon to be 125—Loyal Antagonists. We appreciate that what CtK asks of you is complicated and we know that you are up to the task. Thank you for carrying this vision into your life and work.