Have A Great Weekend

It was a week filled with loss and hope and powerful reflections on what it means to be a loyal antagonist and how we can overcome division and heal our democracy.

At CtK, we're always working to emphasize and amplify these messages about how relationships lie at the core of our communities and are the cornerstone of our democracy. Your personal connections, your willingness to reach out and reach across to learn more--without trying to persuade or change the opinion of your conversation partner--these are the efforts that will make the difference.

We are not hopelessly riven. We can connect. We will uplift. Thank you for continuing this work. 

Here are a few things we read this week worth sharing:

Today, we leave you with Vice President Joe Biden eulogizing his friend and political sparring partner, the late Senator John McCain. "All politics is personal. It is all about trust." -Joe Biden