Loyal Antagonism in A Post-Midterm World

At CtK, we focus on loyal antagonism as a way to bolster our democracy.

We train loyal antagonists to remain open to contrary opinions, listen, and engage in productive dialogue across ideological divisions. Loyal antagonists hold their own opinions at the same time that they place value on the opinions of others. Persuasion is not our focus.

When leaders engage with differing perspectives, they expand their knowledge base. This leads to better problem solving. This creates space for vulnerability, honesty, and collaboration. Shared values and understanding help remove barriers between people.

CtK is redefining the rules of engagement by creating a space that fosters immediate bonds between people who might usually hold positions that are diametrically opposed. The bonds that this training forms often go beyond CtK and manifest in real-world working relationships and friendships that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

We saw that throughout the midterm election cycle where CtK Alums from across the ideological spectrum stripped away the rhetoric and got straight to the point: How do we best protect our democracy?

We are all here for the democracy. Together, we can forge a strong path forward. Now is the time to be a loyal antagonist. Join us.