Have A Great Weekend

A few themes jumped out this week. We were reading about...

Local journalism and the role it plays in democracy:

  • The Democracy Fund looks out A Year After Charlottesville. Among other observations: "Powerful reporting of the rally and counter protests captured the attention of the nation. At a time when local news outlets are shuttering, the Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalism of the Charlottesville Daily Progress demonstrated the industry’s role in telling local stories, and of the importance of Democracy Fund’s efforts to support innovators reinventing the business model for local news.
  • "In rural communities, print newspapers are still very important." NYT on Trump's tariffs and what they mean for local newspapers.

Economics and politics through a gender lens: 

And congrats to Cohort I Alum DeRay McKesson who has a new book coming out! You can pre-order On the Other Side of Freedom at deray.com. A portion of all pre-order proceeds go to the @NAACP_LDF to support their work in/out of courtrooms as they fight for justice!

Election Day!

Primaries in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington--and a special election in Ohio's 12th District--take place today! Be sure to get out and vote if you live in one of these places. Our democracy depends on your vote.

And, remember, you can still register for the mid-term elections and help other people get registered. #WhenWeAllVote is hosting a Week of Action. From Saturday, September 22 to Saturday, September 29, communities across the country will host voter registration events throughout the week in cities big and small.

Sign up now and get involved!

Have A Great Weekend

Here are a few great reads to take you into the weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Have A Great Weekend

We're rounding out the last Friday of July with a few good reads from some CtK.Campfire Alums:

Looking for CtK.Campfire folks giving TED talks? We'll feature one each month in this space. Here's Ari Wallach talking about the longpath. This approach aligns with CtK's vision for long-term change.

Did you publish something recently? Are your efforts improving civic discourse? We're sure you're out there making positive change happen! Please let us know so that we can celebrate your work as a CtK.Campfire Alum!

Happy 4th of July!

In honor of the July 4th holiday, I wanted to share a reminder from Jake Brewer:

I pledge to be an active American:
to show up for others,
to govern myself,
to help govern my community.
I recommit myself to my country's
creed to cherish liberty
as a responsibility.

I pledge to serve
and to push my country.
When right, to be kept right;
When wrong, to be set right.
Wherever my ancestors and I were
born, I claim America
and I pledge to live like a citizen.


Thank you for being a champion of our democracy. -Lori

Cohort IV is in the books!

Another fantastic Campfire! 

This weekend, we turned a group of strangers into the latest CtK.Campfire alums. We took some powerful deep dives and the spectrum exercises challenged us to consider the dimensionality of the issues currently facing our democracy. We left with a renewed sense of purpose and can't wait to introduce our newest alums to the rest of the Campfire. 

Together, we will make a difference for our democracy. 


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