We believe that a network of ideologically-diverse leaders can work together to solve some of society’s biggest problems.


To do this, Cultivate the Karass:

  1. Identifies emerging civic leaders with diverse racial, economic, educational, geographic backgrounds; 
  2. Trains cohorts of emerging leaders on how to be “Loyal Antagonists” and have difficult conversations without demonizing those they don’t agree with;
  3. Provides the venue and tools for emerging leaders to practice collaboration.

When influential leaders have the chance to form strong relationships with one another and come to see one another as resources rather than barriers to action, the conditions for collaboration emerge.  The value of loyal antagonism begins to set in. 

By embedding the capability to truly collaborate, and urging attendees to take their new found or newly honed collaboration skills back to their individual spheres of influence, a new type of collaboration becomes part of their DNA, and by turn, part of the public discourse.

Leadership Retreats

Cultivate the Karass facilitates 3-day leadership retreats for cohorts of approximately 20-24 carefully selected leaders from a spectrum of differing political ideologies who are expected to shape the public agenda for the next 20 years. 

Each leadership retreat hosts an unheralded community of influential leaders who want to reinvigorate our democracy and tackle humanity’s greatest challenges through respectful collaboration and friendship.  We call the participants Loyal Antagonists and we continually support their burgeoning relationships and the naturally ensuing bi-products. 

Throughout each leadership retreat, we will:

  • Model how to engage in and conduct elevated conversations to cross-pollinate the collective political brilliance of the attendees
  • Equip and influence summit attendees to embed collaborative practices in their own spheres
  • Work with participants in a space designed to respect diverse ideological beliefs to elevate the discourse of civic life

Our retreat process is anchored in the belief that relationships are central. Connectivity and inclusivity is at the core of our programming, as it enhances the ability of participants to search for – and identify – solutions to seemingly intractable issues.

Podcast Series