CtK.Leadership Academy

One-Day Accelerator!

Transformational Leadership: Deep Dive Into Intrapersonal Development
will be offered on
July 18, 2019
CtK Headquarters
2415 N. Lincoln St.
Arlington, VA 22207

Our facilitators have decades of experience coaching Fortune 100 executives, heads of state, and leaders of international NGOs. For the first time, this expertise is available to you and your team through CtK.Leadership Academy. CtK.Leadership Academy is part of CtK’s mission to develop leaders into Loyal Antagonists to strengthen the nation’s democracy.

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This workshop is for people who need an accelerated incubator for their personal and professional development. It's also for anyone who has grappled with:

  • +  Managing up

  • +  Maintaining composure in difficult situations

  • +  Engaging skillfully in touchy conversations

  • +  Being overwhelmed by the 24/7 nature of work


We use the best of adult learning principles, i.e. highly experiential and interactive with a focus on real-life, practical outcomes. Care is taken to create a safe environment where participants can freely share their personal scenarios and experiment with new concepts and applications.

Self assessment

+  Effectiveness In The Midst Of Complexity

+  Vertical Development: Levels of Adult Thinking

intrapersonal effectiveness

+  Growing Your Emotional Intelligence

+  Deep Dive Conversations
- With Yourself / With Others

individual action plan

+ Mapping Your Personal Development

+ Building Accountability

+ Committing to Personal Growth